Welcome to Dove’s Nest Farm

Dove’s Nest is named for the most wonderful one read Song of Solemn 6.   The adventures on the farm are many and various.

2/10/2016 – The 4 year update – 4 years wow.

  • The two sheds that had to go are gone.  Shed number 1 became the RV pad, The parts from shed number 2 are being used in the studio and a sprinkler derrick.
  • The studio is almost done.
  • Added a bath, updated the master with french doors and more windows
  • Painted some rooms
  • Reroofed the tractor shed
  • Pulled out random fence posts to help work the hay
  • 250 gallon water tower is up
  • The pond is full and the spring is running

The inventory at this point include:

  • Washington County, Texas
  • Bluebonnets
  • Indian Paintbrush
  • Brenham
  • Bluebell Ice Cream
  • 10 planted pecan trees – 3-4 very large native pecans
  • Barn
  • Tractor shed
  • Tool Shed (To be torn down)
  • 1890s pier and beam farm house
  • Shed that must go #1 (currently gone and RV pad being installed with water and 50 amp service
  • Tractor and related implements
  • Pond
  • Hay